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The Alt-Right was born on the internet, in forums like Stormfront and 4/8chan. Through a effective and easily replicable process, they infected and took over online communities. They joined YouTube, and the Alt-Right pipeline was born. On Reddit, they formed communities ostensibly promoting an alternative to feminism: r/incels, r/mgtow, and r/mensrights. By latching on to legitimate and illegitimate grievances alike, a community of radicalized young men emerged, and soon graduated from shitposting to misinformation and violence. As their communities grew, so did neo-nazi and fascist elements, eventually taking over the community. Ultimately, this culminated in January 2021 coup attempt in Washington, DC.

Established in 2020, Tech Against Fascism’s mission was to find these communities and expose them for what they are. As they’re recognized and evicted from the communities they take over they move on to to their next host. We will be there.

Our Recent Work

Voat: A Post Mortem

Analyzing Voat and its users after its permanent shutdown.